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What I am working on...

I am staying busy wrapping up a few projects... 2 residential and 1 commercial along with my very own project. I can't wait to show you the finished product!



Law Office 

My client moved up to a corner office with a lot of windows.  They need window coverings, branding, a space plan and some soft furnishings.  They want to add unique touches as the passion they have not to be just any law firm and make it feel a little more like home. 


Rental Property Overhaul

I'm currently working on a rental property that has had a lot of deferred maintenance.  In today's market, there is so much competition on the rental market. How would you make your place stand out agains the competition?  With the current cost of supplies and long wait times for materials influencing a lot of decisions, we decided to go with more of a facelift then wait to get certain fixtures to put this property back on the market because time is money in the rental market.

519 Redwood.jpg


Updated Exterior

I am currently working on an exterior facelift. The owner has a rental property that they want to update. They may consider selling in the future and with the real estate market as hot as it is, it will be a good idea to be ready. I will be working on coordinating the painting, landscaping and changing the overall aesthetic....stay tuned!


My Own1950's Ranch Remodel

In my neighborhood, there are only 5 styles of homes. I don't want my house to look like everyone else's, so I am doing an entire interior and exterior remodel. We are working in phases starting with the bedrooms which are almost complete, then we worked on a few exterior updates that came along the way including a new roof and new garage door, adding a junior ADU with a kitchenette (in the works), then we are working on a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel and an addition. There are a few challenges as the backyard is concrete with rebar and will need to be partially ripped out for the addition. Between working on my house and everyone else's, permits etc. my estimated completion date is now June 2022.

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