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Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) 

When I heard Fred Wee of Interiors & Textiles was partnering up with the International Design Guild for a Design for a Difference makeover, I asked to be a part of the project. What better way to give back to a non-profit that gives so much to our community by providing mental health services to the public on a sliding scale?  I was once a recipient of their services along with some of my friends and family. Giving back full-circle was such an amazing feeling... and on top of that... my friends donated approximately 50k + in goods and services.  I worked with some other talented designers (Diane Forese of DF Design, Yolanda Ng of Corporate Furniture Solutions, and Lisa Sten, CEO of Harrell Remodeling) whom I both admire and respect as amazing interior design professionals.  

We had 11 days, a tight budget and a lot to accomplish.  Due to the time constraints, we heavily invested our time in the planning and concept. We chose a color palette based on succulents who thrive with very little water as a symbol of struggles the patients of CHAC experience and our theme was "Empowered Resilience" inspired by a mural in their parking garage.   I am grateful to Fred Wee of Interiors and Textiles, Mark Brunetz and the International Design Guild for creating the Design for a Difference platform and their support, Lisa Sten and her team at Harrell Remodeling for doing the heavy lifting (taking down and helping put up walls), Linked In for their generous donation, Hunter Douglas, Universe Painting, and my friends who came and donated their time and resources.  While watching a CHAC promotional video, I noticed the outside planter boxes looked terrible. I asked Peter of Pazmany Bros Landscaping if they would spruce them up since we are making the inside so nice it would be nice to have the two planter boxes fixed. Peter went above and beyond!  He cleaned up the entire landscaping, fixed the broken irrigation system, then landscaped the entire surrounding... then he power washed the ENTIRE building.  I contacted Mark at Tracery Professional Builders who builds custom homes and told him about my vision of these custom tables and counters that I wanted to make. I literally drew it on a scrap of paper!  He sent his custom metal worker to discuss my vision and made them come to life.  

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