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About Our Studio

Over a decade ago, I took over my late brother's automotive glass business as a promise to keep his dream alive.  When I had my daughter, I realized I was living my brother's dream instead of mine.

It all started with one class at a time after work, then two over a really long time!  While a student, I along with 2 other student designers and one senior interior designer worked on a pro bono project called Design for a Difference for the non-profit Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC).  This project is where I sharpened my design and handy gal skillset, stayed up all night painting a mural and found my true calling.

Environment affects the mood of people and impacts their well-being. You may admire design, but design is not a one size fits all.  Good design fits the user's lifestyle, uniqueness and brand.  Utilization of space is just as essential as the aesthetic which should encompass your individual style.


I created a 5 step design process with utilization of intuitive design and creative out of the box solutions to curate a unique authentic design with a mix of color, texture and looks built over time with a balance of the new and old.  

I strive to help others live their most colorful life by helping them change their surroundings as design impacts lives.

painting mural 2.jpg
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